Hike without Foot Pain with these 4 Tips

Hike without Foot Pain with these 4 Tips

September 05, 2018

From day trips on your favorite trails to a full-on adventure on the Appalachian Trail, keeping your feet happy should be your first priority.  Whether you’re dealing with Plantar Fasciitis, Overpronation or just concerned about being on your feet for an extended amount of time, here are a few things worth packing before you hit the trails.

#1 Pack moleskin! This heavy cotton fabric can be stuck right to sore spots on your feet to prevent blisters. At the first sign of discomfort from your shoes or gear, trim off a piece of moleskin and apply. Moleskin helps prevent friction and pressure and is really flexible for long-lasting wear.

#2 Find good hiking shoes! Make sure you are wearing the right shoes for the type of terrain and trail you’ll be hiking on. Visit your local outdoor recreational store and they can help you find the perfect shoe for your foot. Make sure to bring a pair of your current walking/hiking shoes so they can see your walking style and any pressure points you may have. Are you already dealing with foot pain, but aren’t sure what is causing it? Check out our Pain Finder for more information!

#3 Pack extra foot support! Get extra support with The X Brace! The unique “X” pattern in our patented foot brace provides support and reduces arch pressure very similar to how low-dye taping works but without the time and tape. This support of the arch also helps offset over-pronation, effectively addressing what can be debilitating foot pain and get you back to enjoying your hike.

#4 Take breaks and stretch! Once you're on the trail, if your feet start to bother you, listen to them! Stretching will relieve tension. One of our favorite hiking stretches is the Standing Calf Stretch.

Facing a sturdy tree or structure, put your hands against the tree at about eye level. Keep one leg back, the other leg forward with your heel on the floor. Turn your forward foot slightly inward (pigeon-toed) as you slowly lean into the wall you will feel a stretch in the back of your calf. Hold for 15-30 seconds. Repeat 3 times on each leg. Do this exercise several times per day. When you can stand comfortably without pain you can begin stretching the bottom of your foot using the Plantar Fascia Stretch.

Need more stretching ideas? Check out our previous post on a great morning stretch routine.

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Great product

My daughter uses The X Brace everyday and she is experiencing good improvements with pain management. She is being able to train with less pain.

Purchased from Japan.


I live in Japan, so I was expecting quite a delay in receiving my package, but it came within a week. Very quick service and the X Brace team even emailed me to make sure I had received it and was able to use it.


As far as the X Brace goes, its really great! I was actually shocked at how simple/small the design was. I’m usually skeptical of products claiming how “great they are” and how “even athletes recommend” but these braces have gone above and beyond expectation. I can’t even tell I have them on when I’m wearing them. They helped my pain almost instantly. ( my pain was severe so it took a day... lol) it’s easier to walk, run , and even stand now. I’ve been using them for about 3 weeks and even when I do not have them on, I can see the difference in my walking patterns as well as experience little to no pain.

They are VERY easy to clean. Just hand wash using soap and water and hang them to dry at night before you go to bed. They are always nice and clean, and dry when I wake up. I haven’t had to emergency clean and dry yet but the inside of the straps have small rubber grips, therefore I would caution against putting them in the dryer or using any form of artificial heat to dry them.


They might look expensive at first glance but the X Brace is completely worth it. I strongly recommend this product to anyone suffering from over-pronation. I will be buying another pair very soon just in case something happens to the ones Im currently wearing. Overall, I’m just happy to be able to walk pain free again.


Amazing, the pain had gone away from my feet. I tested it and didn't wear them for a few days and the pain returned. I started to wear them again and the pain disappeared. Extremely happy with the purchase.

So far so good

I’ve been using the brace for a couple of weeks now. It has been offering relief as advertised. Very happy with my purchase.