September: Living a Healthy Lifestyle

September: Living a Healthy Lifestyle

September 01, 2015

Pain Free Feet and a Healthy Lifestyle are key elements of Team X and The X Brace.  If you’re like us then you spend more time thinking, “How can I eat healthy today?” rather than, “Will I eat today?”.  The sad truth is that here in the United States, 1 in 6 people struggle with hunger.

Feeding America and member food banks are asking everyone in America to take action to fight hunger in their community, and take part in Hunger Action Month™  throughout the entire month of September. It doesn’t take a lot.  For every $1 donated, the Feeding America network of food banks provide 11 meals to people facing hunger.That’s right, 1 in 6 right here in the United States.  This is simply unacceptable and there is something each of us can do to help!

 We’re ready to do our part and we’re asking you to do yours! For every order placed with the comment, Feeding America, 11 meals will be donated to Feeding America.

Other ways to Help

  • Find Your Local Food Bank - Donate your time to help out a neighbor in need!
  • Get involved on social media with SpoontemberTM. Share a ‘spoon selfie’ – an image of yourself balancing a spoon on your nose – along with hunger-related statistics and challenge a friend to do the same. Let’s raise awareness together!
  • Spread the word - Bring awareness to America’s need for affordable and healthy food options!

How does your community help feed America? Here in West Michigan, there are SO many ways to get involved to help bring awareness and attention to this issue.

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