Our Story

2011 Repeatedly taping the arches of young gymnasts led a young doctor from Washington to begin thinking about a better solution to get rid of or prevent the foot pain they were consistently experiencing. He asked his wife to sew together some elastic bands in the crossing “X” pattern similar to the low dye taping method he was already using and took it to the gym with him that night. The results were immediate and The X Brace was born.

The response from gymnasts who were experiencing pain due to Sever’s Disease, Plantar Fasciitis and overpronation was that this new brace was working, and it was working fast. The convenient design made for an effective solution that was easy to put on and take off, eliminating the need to sit with a trainer to get taped before beginning practice.

It didn’t take long to realize that sewing The X Brace at home wasn’t going to work and an idea starting taking shape. What if they could make more X Braces more quickly and reach more people of all ages who were suffering with foot pain?!

2012 The X Brace needed a team to make this happen and Team X, a highly creative and successful group of individuals, was born. This team shares the common belief that one little foot brace from simple beginnings can generate big changes for people of all ages and walks of life. Simple Works!

2013 With the addition of accelerated production and a push to new markets, The X Brace was now changing the lives of not only gymnasts but also men and women of all ages, allowing them to participate in their favorite activities with a lot less foot pain.

2015 Since the very first X Brace’s debut that evening at the gym, The X Brace has only increased in popularity and the design has been continually tested and refined. Production was also improved by manufacturing our third generation X Brace right here in the United States. We now have The Original X Brace along with a Competition X Brace which allows our gymnasts the ability to compete with a completely logo-free brace.

The X Brace continues to prove itself over and over again as the premier treatment for foot pain allowing you to experience all the adventures you love by having all the arch support you need.

Tired of foot pain?

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