To Have Pain Is Human. To Accept Pain Means You Have Yet To Discover The X Brace.

To Have Pain Is Human. To Accept Pain Means You Have Yet To Discover The X Brace.

April 20, 2017

"Just wanted to let you know I've had my X Brace for a week now & the difference in my feet has been amazing. I'm an elementary art teacher & teach 7 classes a day on average. Last year I had to get orthotics & I had tried taping but don't have time to every day. I wore heels for the 1st time in a year on a date with my husband b/c for the first time since I don't know when, my feet weren't killing me." -Sammie

 Sammie's story is one of many but hearing how our brace has changed a life never gets old!  It also reminds us why The X Brace is here today. So many people deal with pain and while having pain is part of being human, we believe that accepting pain is not.  Our hope is that the day you discover The X Brace becomes the same day you stop accepting foot pain as just a part of life. 

But What exactly is this thing we call The X Brace?!

It is quite simply put, an elastic foot brace designed to treat Plantar Fasciitis and Sever’s Disease. The custom elastic is manufactured right here in the US and then that elastic is sewn into the format that creates an “X” pattern beneath your arch.

So Why does this simple, elastic brace work to treat Plantar Fasciitis and Sever’s Disease?

To best understand the principles that are behind what makes our elastic brace effective, we need to talk about Low-Dye Taping. This is a particular method of taping that is designed to off-load your plantar fascia, which is the the flat band of tissue (ligament) that connects your heel bone to your toes, and encourage healing and pain reduction. This method requires some training, lots of time and of course lots of tape. You may recall seeing various athletes with their feet taped and this is what you’re seeing in many cases. The X Brace was created to have a very similar fit on the foot but the function and design have already been built into the design. No need for training, extended taping sessions or lots of tape. Everything is ready for you and you simply have to put it on for it to start working.

Does it work for everyone?

The beauty of The X Brace is that it is easily worn by anyone and everyone and should be effective at providing pain relief if the ailment you’re suffering from is Plantar Fasciitis or Sever’s Disease. However, there are LOTS of foot issues that cause pain and our brace, while incredibly effective, can only do so much. If there are other issues at play it is possible that a complete absence of pain will not be your results.

Are there exercises that can be done to encourage a speedy recovery?

One of the biggest ways to prevent & cure Plantar Fasciitis is to keep those calf and foot muscles strong. By strengthening your muscles, your stride when walking and running will be improved and pronation can be corrected. Standing on a stair with one hand on the wall or railing for support, keeping the toes on the stair and letting the heels hang. Gain balance in this position, then slowly lift up onto your toes, then slowly return back to the neutral position. You should feel this exercise in the calf muscle and back of the ankle. This should be repeated 10 times up and down for 3 sets, a total of 30 lifts. Always follow exercise with a regimen of massage, stretch and ice as this will assist in healing and help keep the pain at bay.

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Great product

My daughter uses The X Brace everyday and she is experiencing good improvements with pain management. She is being able to train with less pain.

Purchased from Japan.


I live in Japan, so I was expecting quite a delay in receiving my package, but it came within a week. Very quick service and the X Brace team even emailed me to make sure I had received it and was able to use it.


As far as the X Brace goes, its really great! I was actually shocked at how simple/small the design was. I’m usually skeptical of products claiming how “great they are” and how “even athletes recommend” but these braces have gone above and beyond expectation. I can’t even tell I have them on when I’m wearing them. They helped my pain almost instantly. ( my pain was severe so it took a day... lol) it’s easier to walk, run , and even stand now. I’ve been using them for about 3 weeks and even when I do not have them on, I can see the difference in my walking patterns as well as experience little to no pain.

They are VERY easy to clean. Just hand wash using soap and water and hang them to dry at night before you go to bed. They are always nice and clean, and dry when I wake up. I haven’t had to emergency clean and dry yet but the inside of the straps have small rubber grips, therefore I would caution against putting them in the dryer or using any form of artificial heat to dry them.


They might look expensive at first glance but the X Brace is completely worth it. I strongly recommend this product to anyone suffering from over-pronation. I will be buying another pair very soon just in case something happens to the ones Im currently wearing. Overall, I’m just happy to be able to walk pain free again.


Amazing, the pain had gone away from my feet. I tested it and didn't wear them for a few days and the pain returned. I started to wear them again and the pain disappeared. Extremely happy with the purchase.

So far so good

I’ve been using the brace for a couple of weeks now. It has been offering relief as advertised. Very happy with my purchase.