The X Brace vs Regular Shoe Inserts

The X Brace vs Regular Shoe Inserts

March 08, 2018

There are a number of different ways to treat plantar fasciitis. Some of the more well-known ones include regular shoe inserts or braces, but how do you know what’s best for you? Here we break down the difference between inserts and The X Brace so you can make an informed decision.


The X Brace - The X Brace consists of two loops made out of custom elastic. The loops easily stretch around the arch of the foot and the heel. It also has a silicone strip in the heel portion of the brace to prevent it from slipping.

Shoe Inserts - Most shoe inserts are made from rubber or soft cushion. The rubber or cushion is formed in such a way that it provides comfort for your heel and a firm, raised arch area to support the arches of your feet. Most inserts are full-length, covering the entirety of the shoe. However, some cover just the back half.

Ease of Use

The X Brace - To put on The X Brace, take the larger loop and slip it on your foot until it rests just below the ball of the foot (how to put on The X Brace). The looped strap is then crisscrossed to form an “X” on your arch and then hooked on the back of the heel.  

Shoe Inserts - Regular shoe inserts can simply be placed in the bottom of your shoe. Depending on your shoe size, you may need to trim the insert to fit in your shoe properly.


The X Brace - The X Brace has a patented “X” design which puts pressure on the connective tissue and tendons in the middle of the foot much like low dye taping. This portion of the foot is from where most of your pain originates. Also, since the brace is made out of elastic, it shapes to the exact contour of your foot, giving you relief that’s tailor made for you.

Shoe Inserts - Regular shoe inserts are made for a range of shoe sizes to accommodate a wide range of foot sizes. For example, an insert may be good for a women’s shoe size of 5 - 10 or men’s shoe size 7 - 13. This means the arch support built into the insert will fit a group of people and not just you. The only way to get a custom fit shoe insert is by obtaining a prescription from a doctor.


The X Brace - The X-Brace can be worn with socks and/or shoes or while going barefoot. This means you can wear them with any shoe style or during any type of activity (like yoga!).

Shoe Inserts - To get relief from plantar fasciitis, you’ll need to wear the shoes that have the specialized inserts in them. Additionally, if you have multiple pairs of shoes, you either need to purchase multiple shoe inserts or move them from shoe to shoe.

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