Everyday household items that can relieve foot pain

Everyday household items that can relieve foot pain

August 03, 2018

Join forces with your freezer to relieve Plantar Fasciitis.

If foot pain is sneaking up on you at the end of your day, join forces with an unlikely partner, your freezer! And, no, we’re not talking ice cream! If you’re looking for quick relief, get these 3 items into your freezer ASAP!

Water Bottle

Just about any type of water bottle will do the trick! Fill it with some H2O (we recommend about 70% Full) and pop it into the freezer. Once frozen, a water bottle can provide great relief foot pain. From a seated position, roll your arch on the frozen water bottle applying pressure to massage your arch.


Golf Ball

Putt that ball right into the freezer. Once frozen, this is perfect for targeting specific pain points. From a seated position, move the ball around on your foot. Spend extra time around those painful areas and don’t be afraid to apply a little pressure.


Frozen Veggies

While you’re waiting for the water bottle and golf ball to freeze, snag that frozen bag of vegetables that have been hiding in the back of the freezer since 1997 (peas work great!). The cold may be a little overwhelming at first so toss on your favorite show as a distraction and ice for 15-20 minutes.


Remember, whenever working with frozen temperatures, make sure you do not apply directly to the skin. An everyday household towel is a great option to help offer some protection from the cold.

Getting cold feet about trying one of these methods? Cold temperatures can help reduce inflammation and provide relief from a long day on your feet. What other household items have you used to relieve foot pain? After a long day on your feet or in the evenings, a foot massage using a cold treatment method is a great way to help reduce foot pain.

Need something to help get you through the day? Try The X Brace risk-free for 30-days. Developed by doctors, The X Brace was made to be worn all day and offers support where you need it most!


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Great product

My daughter uses The X Brace everyday and she is experiencing good improvements with pain management. She is being able to train with less pain.

Purchased from Japan.


I live in Japan, so I was expecting quite a delay in receiving my package, but it came within a week. Very quick service and the X Brace team even emailed me to make sure I had received it and was able to use it.


As far as the X Brace goes, its really great! I was actually shocked at how simple/small the design was. I’m usually skeptical of products claiming how “great they are” and how “even athletes recommend” but these braces have gone above and beyond expectation. I can’t even tell I have them on when I’m wearing them. They helped my pain almost instantly. ( my pain was severe so it took a day... lol) it’s easier to walk, run , and even stand now. I’ve been using them for about 3 weeks and even when I do not have them on, I can see the difference in my walking patterns as well as experience little to no pain.

They are VERY easy to clean. Just hand wash using soap and water and hang them to dry at night before you go to bed. They are always nice and clean, and dry when I wake up. I haven’t had to emergency clean and dry yet but the inside of the straps have small rubber grips, therefore I would caution against putting them in the dryer or using any form of artificial heat to dry them.


They might look expensive at first glance but the X Brace is completely worth it. I strongly recommend this product to anyone suffering from over-pronation. I will be buying another pair very soon just in case something happens to the ones Im currently wearing. Overall, I’m just happy to be able to walk pain free again.


Amazing, the pain had gone away from my feet. I tested it and didn't wear them for a few days and the pain returned. I started to wear them again and the pain disappeared. Extremely happy with the purchase.

So far so good

I’ve been using the brace for a couple of weeks now. It has been offering relief as advertised. Very happy with my purchase.