Are Flip-Flops Really Bad for Your Feet?

Are Flip-Flops Really Bad for Your Feet?

July 12, 2018

This casual, “Y” shaped style of footwear has been worn by people since roughly 1,500 B.C.. Nowadays they come in eye-popping colors, logos, and some even have built in bottle openers. However, when it comes to functionality, flip-flops sacrifice arch support, protection from the elements, and natural walking mechanics for the opportunity to spread your toes and fully enjoy hot summer days. You may have heard that flip-flops are bad for your feet, but how bad is “bad” and is there a way you can still enjoy flip-flops without sacrificing arch support?

The degree to which an individual experiences pain while wearing flip-flops is typically a result of two major factors:

#1: The Structure of Your Foot: Some individuals experience pain because they have a foot that tends to over-flatten as they walk. For these individuals, pain often presents itself in the arch or heel of the foot. This may be a result of weak tendons that provide support to the arch of the foot, previous injuries, rheumatoid arthritis, or plantar fasciitis.

#2 Walking Mechanics: It starts from the foot up! Typically, in a standard shoe, most walk in a heel-toe stride. However, when you walk in flip-flops, your heel hits the ground with more force. This can cause you to change your stride, which affects your natural walking-mechanics. If your foot doesn’t receive proper support, it can affect your posture, which can prompt knee, back, and other joint pain, in addition to your foot pain.

Most pain experienced while wearing flip-flops simply comes down to a lack of arch support. With that being said, is there a way an individual can still enjoy the freedoms of flip-flops without sacrificing arch support? Yes, there is! The X Brace’s low-profile design will fit into any shoe or cleat and is comfortable to wear with any kind of footwear, flip-flops and high heels included.

You can try out The X Brace for 30 days risk-free! The X Brace is made to give you the support where you need it the most. So, throw on The X Brace and give your foot the support it needs to get you through the day. However, if you experience severe pain or persistent limited mobility, please seek professional medical attention. 

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