The X Brace is expanding to Amazon

The X Brace is expanding to Amazon

January 06, 2016


I think it is safe to say that when hearing the word, Amazon, you do not instantly think of the world’s largest, tropical rainforest but rather the world’s biggest retailer.  This is the “place” where everyone goes to check out a new product or to find a great deal on the latest must have item.

While The X Brace is new and can certainly be considered to be the latest solution for treating painful feet, the results achieved by wearing The X Brace are not imagined or created by some big marketing machine.  We didn’t create a 30 minute infomercial about our amazing brace as we didn’t want our patented, foot brace to be overlooked by someone because they thought it was a gimmick.  Our goal was to introduce a great product that was simple, easy to use and wear and most importantly was effective!!  Our website,, did just that and we’re now selling and shipping The X Brace all over the world. 

Fast forward a few years and our customers are now asking about other locations where they can find The X Brace.  After some discussion it was decided that Amazon was the right choice.  You can now buy The Original X Brace on Amazon which means that ship times will be quicker depending on your location and Prime members can take advantage of free shipping. 

When you’re wanting the premier treatment for painful feet check out The X Brace today!! 
You can still purchase The X Brace via our website,, which is also where you will find our Competition X Brace, made exclusively for the competing gymnast.  As of January 1, 2016, you now have a choice and more options when it comes to how you want to shop online.

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