Let Yoga change your Stride

Let Yoga change your Stride

December 09, 2015

From managing stress and improving your balance to sculpting long, lean muscles there is one aerobic exercise we can't stop talking about, Yoga. Ever since it was developed thousands of years ago, Yoga has helped millions improve their body, mind and spirit through controlled breathing and smooth fluid movements. So, what are we trying to say? Toss those X Braces in your bag and get your Yoga on!  

When it comes to dealing with foot pain, we have three reasons why Yoga may just be the perfect fit for changing your stride.

A Great Way to Stretch: our treatment protocol for foot pain is pretty simple: massage, stretch and ice. Take care of step two by incorporating Yoga into your schedule.

Improve your Posture: keep your body happy and incorporate several standing poses into your movements, such as Mountain Pose, as they help give proper alignment to your feet and body. Say hello to proper posture and a healthier, more aligned you!

A True Pain Preventor: As creators of The X Brace, you can imagine we are all for non-surgical methods to decrease pain and there are so many different types of Yoga created to help manage common ailments. When paired with The X Brace, we know your body will thank you!

Find a teacher in your area, browse YouTube for a beginner video or ask your local gym if they offer classes. Happy Yoga-ing!

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So helpful

My daughter is 10 and is in competitive gymnastics. She has has such foot pain for months and months. We tried the x brace and she is doing remarkably better. She also has pt 2x a week but wears her x brace during floor and beam and inserts in her shoes and the pain is almost non existent now

Excellent Product

Excellent product. My daughter does not train for gymnastics without her X Braces!


they help me so much i really love them

Great product

This is the second pair of braces we have ordered. They are for my 10 year old daughter. She has been suffering with planters fascitis for several years. After purchasing the first pair she had immediate relief. She wears them everyday and they have been life changing for her. We purchased a second pair so she would have a pair to wear when we were washing the others. I would definitely recommend trying The X Brace if you are suffering from this condition.

Review of X Brace

This is an excellent product. I would have given it 5 stars if the heel straps stayed in place. They tend to slowly make their way down my heels requiring me to pull them back up. Perhaps another strap attached to the left and right side of the heel strap that crosses over the ankle, going around the front of the foot/leg, would make it stay put. Like I said, the heel straps are slow to slip down, so it’s not a huge deal. But other than that, it’s a great product and is quite comfortable. It is giving me relief I hoped for.