Then & Now: A New Solution for Painful Feet

Then & Now: A New Solution for Painful Feet

November 24, 2015

You wouldn’t accept old solutions for today’s challenges!  Why are you enduring painful feet when you could be experiencing the pain relief of The X Brace.

Then:  Weird and wacky treatments for painful feet, along with a wing and a prayer were typical if not scary!

Now:  The X Brace with its versatile and incredibly effective approach, treats foot pain at its source helping to relieve the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis, Sever’s Disease and Over-Pronation.





Then:  The first 5 MB hard drive was so big, they needed an entire PanAm plane to transport it.

Now:  Storage capability is far, far greater and can now be held in your hand or even stored in the cloud.








Then:  A Navigation Hotline was a real thing.

Now:  We have GPS on our smart phones and in most every new car.




The X Brace offers you a scientific, yet simple, elastic band that provides you with gentle arch support serving to relax the foot and reduce inflammation.  The wearing of The X Brace along with stretching and massaging the calves, foam rolling and icing can all serve to help alleviate what can be very intense and debilitating foot pain.  Put an end to foot pain and get back to doing what you love with The X Brace.


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So far so good

I’ve been using the brace for a couple of weeks now. It has been offering relief as advertised. Very happy with my purchase.

X brace

I bought for my daughter who has a heel spur. She is a support manager at a major retail store. She has assured me this brace has alleviated much of her pain.

Best Invention Ever

If you have plantar fasciatis and haven't found relief, then the x brace is for you. It's easy to wear and for me, it healed my pain almost instantly.


I have searched long and hard for something to alleviate foot pain. Finally!!!! I’ve worn my brace for three weeks and am almost pain free. Thank you.