Paul's Story: Martial Arts, Plantar Fasciitis & The X Brace

Paul's Story: Martial Arts, Plantar Fasciitis & The X Brace

June 23, 2015

I developed Plantar Fasciitis after several years of working out barefoot studying martial arts, combined with running in worn-out shoes. I resorted to wearing specially designed shoes for martial arts with inserts while working out, but there were two problems: 1. Shoes added extra weight to the end of my legs, messing with my balance. 2. Rotating required modifying my technique to less-than-ideal, due to increased friction from the soles. 

At only $30, I decided to try The X-Brace, to see if I could lose the shoes. I am ASTOUNDED at the results! 

Not only am I able to work out quite aggressively, but my balance has improved SO MUCH since being able to feel the floor with my feet again! Thanks for an incredibly simple, insightful product. I recommend it all the time to friends dealing with any foot issues!

-Paul (2nd Degree Black Belt)

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