Debilitating Arch Pain and the X Brace

Debilitating Arch Pain and the X Brace

October 13, 2013

Before The X Brace I had decided that running was out of the question…

I have always been an active individual from playing football and baseball in high school to becoming a competitive power lifter and bodybuilder in college and after, however, as I aged my focus changed to more cardiovascular activities.

I began cycling 4 years ago at the age of 36 and have enjoyed every day on the road.  Like all competitive personalities, I look for ways to improve my performance.  Thus, in an effort to help maximize my fitness I began running while traveling or when I did not have the time to ride.

After several weeks I developed sharp pain in the arch of my feet and in my lower calf.  In talking with a friend he recommended trying The X Brace.  As you might have guessed, having played and worked through injury before, I was skeptical a small elastic brace was going to “Fix” my issues, much less help……I was wrong, after only one day the constant throbbing of my arch began to dissipate.

After 2 weeks of following the stretching, icing, and use of the brace recommendations, I no longer needed the brace and I was pain free, and was able to run in a half marathon with no pain or discomfort

– Price Howard, SC

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So far so good

I’ve been using the brace for a couple of weeks now. It has been offering relief as advertised. Very happy with my purchase.

X brace

I bought for my daughter who has a heel spur. She is a support manager at a major retail store. She has assured me this brace has alleviated much of her pain.

Best Invention Ever

If you have plantar fasciatis and haven't found relief, then the x brace is for you. It's easy to wear and for me, it healed my pain almost instantly.


I have searched long and hard for something to alleviate foot pain. Finally!!!! I’ve worn my brace for three weeks and am almost pain free. Thank you.