How to Wear the X Brace

How to Wear the X Brace

June 27, 2013

Start by placing the large main strap around your foot, just behind the “ball” of your foot, have the smaller “X Strap” towards the heel.

Making sure the “X-strap” crosses on the bottom of the foot, place the loop portion around the heel. It will be your comfort choice if you would rather have the X-strap attachments at the main brace on the outside or on the inside.

We recommend you start with them on the outside, as this is how most athletes wear the brace. Usually, for first time wearers, the foot muscles will begin to cramp after 15-30 minutes of wear. This is completely normal as your foot adapts to having better arches. Remove the brace any time this occurs and allow your foot to rest for 15 minutes before putting the brace back on and continuing with activity. This cramping should resolve within 1-2 weeks of “break-in” wear.

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