Don’t Let Heel Pain Stop Your Gymnast

Don’t Let Heel Pain Stop Your Gymnast

June 24, 2013

Heel pain is impossible for young athletes to deal with. They’re on their feet constantly and when heel pain strikes, it can be devastating for them. Just last night we had a young gymnast come up to us in the gym that had landed hard on a back tuck . . . she could barely walk. It was so very sad. So we got her set up with The X Brace and she was back at it right away! They can’t run, jump, or function. They can’t even walk well. The great thing is, you can fix it!

The X Brace, arch support for barefoot athletes, was designed to help young athletes not only to immediately get rid of heel pain, but help them with a long term solution to keep heel pain away forever!

You see, supporting the arch has been proven to decrease the effects of arch pain in young athletes!

It’s an easy fix, and The X Brace is incredibly convenient in the gym or the dance center. The young athlete doesn’t have to worry about messing with tape and prewrap . . . which takes way too much time away from gym time to begin with.

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